Mangalgiri Weaving

The looms used in Mangalgiri are mostly pit looms. Pit looms are looms which are fixed in the ground level and there will be a pit in which looms peddle will be placed and the weaver will sit on the floor and use his hands and legs to weave.

The weavers are into this profession traditionally. None of the weavers are trained but they have acquired this unique skill hereditarily from their ancestors. The art of weaving is passed on by way of vision and practice. There are no theoretical explanations or training for weaving. But unfortunately due to the low wages the traditional weavers are opting out of this industry. New generation is not interested in this profession due to the low wages prevailing in the industry. During recession the weavers turned to the profession of Goldsmith which fetched them good remuneration. Now Mangalgiri is also having a very good number of people, who have left weaving and taken Goldsmith as their profession. Since Mangalgiri looms are pit looms, during rainy season the looms are closed due to the rain water getting clogged in the ground.

The handlooms in Mangalgiri are famous for the softness and durability. The handloom fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear and also suites all the climates. Mainly Mangalgiri looms manufacture sarees, but now as per demand dress materials are also weaved.

The weavers demand that only if there is some kind of package at par with the farmers who have lost crops, which was offered by the government, then only handloom industry can survive. The weavers state that only if government also takes the responsibility to support the handloom industry, then only the industry will last or else the end of handloom industry is not far from near. The high cost of handloom fabrics is also limiting the marketability. The handloom industry is searching for a break through for survival.

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