Designer Saree

Pochampalli: Pochampalli, located near the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, is probably one of the most flourishing center of modern handloom industry and producing ikkat Sarees on a large scale. The weavers in Pochampalli are basically Hindus of the Padmasali or Devang communities who have been residents for long and have thus adopted the local dialect and social norms. These weavers produce ikkat textiles with geometrical designs, and have also recently started experimenting with all-Indian styles. It is believed that ikkat technique was brought to Pochampalli from Chirala, another town in Andhra Pradesh, a couple of generations ago, perhaps as early as 1915 when the workshops in Chirala are said to have been weaving ikkat Sarees, turbans etc. One of the reasons why Pochampalli Sarees find a better market in India and abroad is, the weavers use modern synthetic colors instead of the expensive vegetable dyes for dying, thereby not only bringing down the cost of production, but also getting a chance to be more creative by trying out complex designs.

Since the 1960's Pochampalli ikkat-weavers were influenced by the paolu designs of Gujarat. The reasons for this influence could be many. Migration of the weavers could be one of them. However, there are some experts who feel that more than migration it could be influence of the print media which could be one of the major reasons. "Weavers have probably seen the Gujarati designs either in a magazine or might have actually seen one of the patola fabrics. It is also possible that weavers came across the designs at a handloom exhibition and copied the design, says some experts.

Gadwal Silk Cottom / Cotton:

Sarees from Gadwal have an elegance and grace all its own. Available in cottons and silks, these Sarees can easily be adapted to the modern lifestyle.

Venkatgiri Silk Cotton / Cotton:

Venkatgiri Sarees blend the simplicity of cotton with the ornamental zari butas. Again, these Sarees are elegant with their unique charm.

Dharmavaram silk:

This center is known for ornately designed silk Sarees heavily decorated with gold zari borders. Located in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, Dharmavaram Sarees are a must-have in the women's wardrobes. During weddings and festive occasions, the vibrant Sarees in contrasting colors add the much needed gaiety.

Narayanpet silk Narayanpet cotton Madhavaram cotton Guntur cotton Bandar Petu Art Silk: These Sarees have dobby borders. Mangalgiri Uppada cotton Payakaropet cotton Patur Mutyampet Tie & Dye Rajahmundry Tie & Dye Rajahmundry Bandarulanka

Border Sarees Tie & Dye silk, Ikat Tie & Dye mercerized, Pochampally Tie & Dye cotton, Pochampally Gollabhama Border Sarees Tie & Dye Kathan Silk Jamdani


These are blended polycotton Sarees. The designs on its border and pallav are made by Jacard (hence the name) machine which is primarily used for printing fabric designs. Jamdani Kothakota Kuppadam These Sarees are named after its border.

Python Sarees:

This Saree is named after its pallav which is adorned with hand-made butas
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