Batik Styles

Batik style of painting which is originally practiced in Shantiniketan . It is more commonly known as Siddipet paintings. Batik paintings are done on cloth using napthal colors & wax techniques. Siddhipet Paintings are known for their formula called Batik.

The word Batik is originated in Indonesia. This art form uses wax and other pigments. The word, 'tik' literally means a 'drop'. The ink used in Batik painting flows drop by drop through the nib of the 'kalam' (brush).


The subjects are based on rural life, culture and tradition. The basic material required for painting are white or light colored cotton cloth, napthal colors, wax and kalam. Yellow, red and blue are the prominently used colors.

After the required sketch is made on the cloth, wax is fixed on it with kalam. An out line is made with liquid wax. Then, the sketched cloth with wax is dipped in a bowl of water and later in napthal color. The cloth is thoroughly dipped into the color and then kept in the base color, which gives the required shade. Wax is painted on the chosen colors and the cloth is kept in boiling water.

A little washing powder is added to the boiling water and the wax appears on the surface of the water, while the cloth sinks down. Now, the cloth is separated from the wax and is washed with soap for further cleaning. After the final painting comes out, Indian ink is used to give finishing touches. India has a wide range of textiles of varied designs and manufactured by numerous methods when compared to other countries in the world. The styles depend upon the location of the place, climatic conditions, cultural influences and trade contacts.

The varied topography of India from the snowy mountains to the rich river valleys and from the lush forests to the arid deserts as well as the various cultures brought down here from the invaders have influenced the growth of a number of textile weaves.

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